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tv   ABC World News Now  ABC  May 26, 2014 3:00am-4:01am PDT

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this morning on "world news now". new details about the deadly rampage in santa barbara and the latest on the victims and what the parents did after his pre-recorded rant. >> this is a day of retribution. the day in which i will have my revenge. >> the campus grieves as investigators uncover major clues. afghanistan surprise. the president's trip and his message for u.s. troops there who simply cannot wait to go home. >> i may not be able to take a selfie with everybody -- but i'll shake every hand. >> his major promise to veterans on memorial day. an action figure, remembering the man behind the iconic g.i. joe, and the impact on an entire generation. this memorial day, monday, may 26th.
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>> announcer: from abc news, this is "world news now" with john muller and diana perez. good morning. on this memorial day, thank you for joining us. john, your grilling and chilling got a little out of hand this weekend. >> i sort of lost my voice. this is a cold you might have had last week. >> i think so. >> i would have called off sick but some poor son of a gun would have been called out of their barbecue and nobody would have believed me. >> you are a trooper. for coming in. we appreciate it. i'm going to try to choke my way through it. >> let's get to it. we got some news to start out with. >> new details about the six students killed in friday night's shooting near the university of california campus in santa barbara. >> we learned the alleged gunman's parents tried to intervene in the moments before the shooting but they were too late. abc's akiko fujita is joining us from isla vista with the very latest. good morning, akiko. >> reporter: john and diana, we are standing in front of the
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deli mart in isla vista. this is where one of the victims was killed and it has become a gathering point for the community. you look behind me and see the growing memorial. so many mourners coming here to light a candle in honor of the victims. even as the community tries to shift focus to the victims, there are many questions raised about the alleged shooter a family friend telling abc news the alleged shooter's parents received a long note from their son threatening violence. they were frantically driving up here to isla vista when he began the shooting rampage. >> tomorrow is the day of retribution. the day in which i will have my revenge. >> reporter: from a seven-minute you tube clip to a 141-page manifesto, police say alleged gunman elliot rodger made no secret of his violent plans. investigators searched the homes of rodger's parents hoping to find additional pieces to the puzzle. >> girls gave their affection and sex and love to other men,
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but never to me. >> reporter: rodger's digital trail paints a life filled with rejection, loneliness and childhood bullying. his plan to methodically kill those who he believes shunned him. he singled out his roommates in the manifesto. writing. the first people i would have to kill is my two house mates to secure the entire apartment for myself as my personal torture and killing chamber. those are the roommates who reported to police for petty theft. >> we have to stop and look at every piece of this so it never happens again. not at santa barbara or any other place in the world. >> in isla vista sunday, a moment of silence. the community leaning on each other in times of tragedy. the father of chris michaels martinez calling for changes to the nation's gun laws. >> because i'm emotional it doesn't mean what i say is irrational. nobody needs to own three
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semiautomatic handguns. it doesn't make sense. >> reporter: police say that alleged shooter was able to buy these weapons legally. despite a history of mental health issues because he was never institutionalized. six people remain in the hospital recovering from their injuries. john and diana. >> akiko, as you've reported all six of the victims have been identified. what else are we learning about them? >> diana, these were students at uc santa barbara here. they range in age from 19 to 22 years old. their whole lives ahead of them. we know that veronika weiss and katherine cooper were sorority sisters who happened to be outside of the alpha phi house. which is the sorority house that rodger allegedly targeted. we also know about chris martinez. he was killed outside of this deli on friday night. then the three men who were stabbed inside rodger's apartment. 22-year-old cheng yuan hong, 19-year-old george chen, both
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roommates of rodger and 20-year-old weihan wang trying to find out if he was in the wrong place at the wrong time. >> thank you for your report this morning. moving to belgium now. police are looking for the man suspected of killing four people at a jewish museum in brussels. police released security videos showing the suspect in the shooting. it shows the man entered the building, took a rifle out of a bag and opened fire. police have tightened security around jewish institutions in belgium. a surprise from pope francis during his visit to the middle east. he invited israeli prime minister and palestinian president to a prayer meeting at his vatican apartment next month. both have accepted. while visiting bethlehem, he called for greater effort toward peace and he referred to the west bank as the state of palestine. while there he visited christian historic sites. >> president obama marks this memorial day by laying a wreath at the tomb of the unknowns. at arlington national cemetery.
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he delivered a message in person to the troops serving in afghanistan. abc's muhammad little lil a report rs from kabul. >> reporter: landing under the cover of darkness, a secret trip and a chance to say an early memorial day thank you. >> for many of you, this will be your last tour in afghanistan. >> reporter: even offering this reminder of a grateful and generous nation. >> you see it in the kids across america who send you all of those care packages and girl scout cookies. [ cheering ] those were pretty popular, huh? you like those cookies, huh? all right. i bet you'll get some more now. >> it is obama's first trip here in nearly two years. so secret it was announce only after he landed. this room, packed with soldiers, erupted in applause with this. >> i keep saying to every company back home, if you want somebody that knows how to get the job done, hire a vet. hire a vet. hire a vet.
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>> reporter: and the president known to take a selfie from time to time ending in a way that only he could. >> now i'm going to shake every single hand in here. [ applause ] although i may not be able to take a selfie with everybody. but i'll shake every hand. >> reporter: today obama wouldn't commit to how many american troops will be staying here in afghanistan after the end of this year saying only that america will continue to support the afghan people. muhammad lila, abc news, kabul, afghanistan. before leaving the country president obama phoned hamid karzai. afghan president. the two men spoke 20 minutes the president praised karzai for the progress made by afghan security forces and for the first successful round of presidential elections. now to some sports. starting with the defending world series champs looking like chum ps. the red sox got angry yelling at a tampa bay player who took
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third base unchallenged. the screaming escalated to fingerpointing and then there you have it. both benches cleared out. a lot of talking and pushing but not much else. three players were ejected and the rays won sending the sox to their tenth straight loss. meanwhile, former boston pitcher, josh beckett, was throwing the first no-hitter of the baseball season. he struck out six as the dodgers cruise to a 6-0 win. it was the first no-hitter of beckett's career. he was so convinced he just couldn't get it he was even breaking baseball's superstition and talking about a no-hitter in the fourth inning. so much for superstition. now from the minor leagues a home run on saturday night in davenport, iowa. the guy who caught the ball made a pretty nice catch. ironically enough, it was his son who hit it. the boy's first homer of the season. now the family joke is that dad is going to have to travel to all of his boy's games. >> got to believe it. love that story. this year's second major tennis tournament underway in paris.
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roger federer began with an easy three-set victory over a player from slovakia. his 59th ever win at the french open. that ties him for the most in history with rafael nadal. venus williams had no problems in her first round either. she beat a 17-year-old from switzerland. her sister, serena williams also won her first match. if both williams sisters win in the second round, they will face each other in the third round. >> a guy in chicago got a surprise while trying to squeeze in a little exercise. >> for a little legged buddy decided to turn the heat up on his workout. matt gibbs doing his pushups. doing the role of training jumping on his back. extra burn in those pushups. >> gibbs says it is a thing with tucker. he gets so excited every time he sees somebody doing a pushup he wants to jump on their back. >> extra 25 pounds or so. >> nice. coming up, from doggy pushups to a ducky traffic
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hazard. what the police did to avoid ruffling feathers in the mix. and the suspense-filled indy 500 and what you may not know about the underdog. you are watching "world news now." ♪ >> announcer: "world news now" weather brought to you by finish power and free. orld news now" weather brought to you by finish power and free. she loves to shop online with her debit card.
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welcome back. for the first time in eight years an american is waking up as indy 500 champion. ryan hunter-reay crossed the line a half car ahead of helio castroneves. it was the second-closest finish in indy 500 history. when he got out of his car, hunter-reay called his win a dream come true. >> it hasn't sunk in. it is the most fantastic team. the support they have given me, to give me the race car two years in a row to have a shot at winning the greatest race in the world. a dream has come true today. i'm a proud american boy for sure. >> he got to take the traditional swig of milk after he crossed the line. just .06 of a second from the guy behind him. >> that is amazing. the lead is traded throughout
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the race. for a brief moment, it was defending champion tony kanaan, who had car trouble causing him to finish at the back of the pack. >> he knows victory in life. is something more. chris conway from espn tell one remarkable story. >> reporter: from the beginning, tony kanaan never started a race without this medallion. >> my mom gave it to me when i was a little kid. i would wear it every time, every race. >> reporter: by 2004, he was already a racing star. when he visited nearby methodist hospital. three days earlier, 15-year-old andrea brown had collapsed in her room after a softball doubleheader. >> she had massive brain hemorrhage. you are thinking i'm calling for last rites for my 15-year-old. >> reporter: andrea was in a medically induced coma when tony kanaan entered her room. >> i felt bad, really bad.
3:16 am
>> reporter: as he spoke, he reached for the medallion in his pocket i said my mom gave me this medal to protect me. so if you believe this, i will give it to you. >> we kept it pinned to andrea's hospital robe. it brought good luck. it kept him safe and would bring her luck, too. >> as she recovered it was hope around her neck. >> i felt extremely special that i had this medallion that he personally gave to me. >> reporter: andrea would achieve her dream, graduating college, becoming a physical therapist, getting married, but winning the 500 was tony's dream and he kept falling short. >> tony kanaan. >> always some kind of bad luck would happen. >> two days before indy 2013, andrea wrote him this letter. she says nine years ago -- >> you gave me your good luck charm and obviously it has done more than help me have a remarkable recovery from my brain hemorrhage. >> i'd like for you to have it back and i can't wait to watch you dominate this race.
3:17 am
>> on may 26th, 2013, andrea and her family gathered to watch the 500. where tony kanaan's decade of bad luck ended at last. >> after years of frustration. >> now winner of the indianapolis 500. great job, tony. >> one of the first things he did is pull out that medallion. >> that was for her. to show her. i knew she was watching. >> reporter: at the speedway this year, tony and andrea shared a joyful reunion. two people joined by extraordinary circumstance. and the medallion whose history they shared. >> that was his 12th try. >> terrific. >> he finally won on his 12th try. >> by the way, bad luck again this year. >> i know. >> listen to this. he ran out of gas. >> i know. i was there.
3:18 am
i was part of the pit crew. >> you may have to borrow the medallion and get good luck and give it back. maybe that's how it works. it has to be given away. >> circulating. >> that makes sense. >> if he sees this he should try it. >> give it away and get it back again. >> remarkable story. great story. coming up, remembering a military hero. it is g.i. joe the ground breaking action figure and the man who brought him to life. and later wild ride. the biggest and baddest ever made. would you drop more than 400 feet at 90 miles an hour? that's in our next half hour on "world news now." >> announcer: "world news now" continues after this from our abc stations.
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♪ as we salute the troops we remember a man that gave boys their first contact with a soldier, the action figure g.i. joe.
3:20 am
donald levine, the hasbro executive who came up with the toy. he passed away this week as abc's david muir takes a look back. ♪ >> reporter: the famous 1960s jingle getting the word out about g.i. joe. >> g.i. joe attacks. boom boom. g.i. joe, take the hill. bam, bam. win this battle. >> reporter: 12 inches tall, 21 moving parts. you could prepare your soldier for any kind of battle and g.i. joe's creator once explained how difficult it was coming up with a name. >> g.i. joe came out in 1963. we had no name for g.i. joe. we called it rocky the marine, ace the fighter pilot and the salty the sailor. our advertising agency in new york, and a small agency called me up and said don, we love the idea but you need a name. >> reporter: he would spend weeks trying to come up with the name and suddenly he had it.
3:21 am
inspired by the 1945 movie, the story of g.i. joe. that's what his action figures would be called. they cost $4 in 1964 straight from the factory just in time for christmas. there were special editions, through the years, rocky the marine paratrooper, it spawned comic books and cartoons. and the commercials. batteries not included. there was a tv show years later. ♪ g.i. joe american hero g.i. joe is there ♪ >> we can still hear that theme song. david muir, abc news, new york. >> g.i. joes. my friends had so many. i never had a g.i. joe. >> you never had -- i got something called a big jim from mattel. >> is that like a -- >> it was -- he wasn't an army man, just a tough guy. >> was that mattel's answer to g.i. joe? >> maybe it was. >> by the way -- >> they were very cool. donald levine was a korean war
3:22 am
vet and led the team that came up with the toy. >> great toy. up with the team and loved the toy.
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the mustard seed that makes french's yellow mustard. 100% natural from me to you. with 40% more free, there's more to love. french's. naturally amazing.
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♪ all right mix time on this ♪ all right mix time on this memorial day. in case you missed the top of the show my voice is a little scratchy. bear with me. >> too much fun this weekend. >> i wish. i'm here. >> yes. >> at any rate, this is an awesome memorial day story and that's why i picked it. number one, floral arrangements, about 1 thousand of them sent to the grate sites at dallas-ft. worth national cemetery, something they do every memorial day. a lot of volunteer and they all deserve credit. one of the volunteers was a 7-year-old boy, cub scout, heard about it at a cub scout meeting. wanted to go and he brought his vietnam veteran grandfather. they caught the attention of the cameras and talked about memorial day and what it means to them. let's listen. >> about so many people giving their lives for our country.
3:26 am
>> the second i heard them say memorial day weekend we're going to graves. i said let's do this. >> isn't that awesome? grandfather and grandson honoring their heros. well done. >> so nice. >> moving on to other official business. this one in eau claire, wisconsin. police officer dash cam video. you are about to see the official business he found himself on. he spotted a duck and her ducklings. and trying to get across the street and he stopped his car and then he stopped traffic. and let them go across the street. i think we mentioned last week or the week before, have you ever noticed how every time there is a duck story to be told it is all over the news. we are in love with duck stories. >> yes, we are. >> don't you worry out there, america. every time a duck is in the news, we will bring it to you. >> love ducks.
3:27 am
this is awesome. anyone knows the california state fair and fairs across california they may be familiar with chicken charlie's. they make a lot of fair food. they are not known for their light fare. they got a new one out. >> unbelievable here. this is the krispy kreme triple cheeseburger. that's basically what it is. some are calling it the triple bypass. krispy kreme cheeseburger. chicken charlie's at the state fair. at the san diego county fair next month and goes along with the krispy kreme sloppy joes and deep fried white castle slider and krispy kreme chicken sandwich. >> you know what would make it better? >> what? >> if you roll it in flour and egg whites and fry it. >> fry the whole thing. >> why not? >> that will be next year. >> really quickly we want to get to this. a new world record set in knoxville, tennessee. look at the video. this is 752 people. the most people wearing duct tape in the same room for an organization that helps to supplement learning in the classroom.
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this morning on "world news now," campus in crisis. new details about the santa barbara rampage suspect. the victims and what was happening moments before it all happened. push for peace. the pope's historic visit with israel an palestinian leaders, surprising invitation and the big plans now at the vatican. surprising catch. a fisherman struggled to reel in an endangered fish weighing 500 pounds. wait until you see this creature. and hear why it's so significant. social event of the season, the kim and kanye wedding was candid. what they served, who is publishing the pictures it is in "the skinny" on this memorial day, monday, may 26th. >> from abc news, this is "world news now" with john muller and diana perez.
3:31 am
all right. welcome in on this memorial day. we want to start by telling everybody that you are having a little bit of a -- >> little tricky -- >> tinge of laryngitis. >> i'll be okay. >> little hot water and honey down here. >> we appreciate you came in because we know today would have been a tough day to call out sick. probably the best day to call -- >> nobody would have believed me and some guy or gal would have been yanked out of their barbecue. >> and having to come here on a sunday night. we appreciate it. >> taking one for the team. >> nice. >> the least i can do. some serious news to start out. the latest on the rampage on the campus in santa barbara. all of the victims have now been identified. three students were found stabbed to death in the suspect's apartment. two others shot to death outside of a sorority house. >> the sixth victim was found killed inside of a deli mart. we have learned the suspect's parents raced to find their son on friday night after they got his chilling e-mail outlining a plot to go on a killing spree
3:32 am
but it was simply too late. with more now here's abc's bazi kanani. >> reporter: the first images of the terrifying moments in this college town with the gunman on a rampage. students seen ducking for cover in this surveillance video from the deli mart as bullets ripped through the store's windows. >> he fired two shots and two seconds before they started to raining through. >> some of the shots killing 20-year-old chris michaels martinez. investigators say the deli is one of ten places next to the uc santa barbara campus where 22-year-old elliot rodger hurt or killed people during his mad drive around the town, running over bicyclists, pedestrians and shooting at students. >> shots fired! shots fired! >> the first calls for help just before 9:30 p.m., but we now know it may have been many hours before that when rodger killed three men in his apartment, all stabbed repeatedly. investigators say rodger drove
3:33 am
to a sorority house opening fire on young women in the area killing two members of another sorority. rodger's next stop, that deli. >> i thought i was going to die. >> the suspect was smiling as he shot at them. deputies chasing after him in his black bmw exchanged gun fire with him twice. the rampage ended in a crash. >> it would appear he took his own life. >> reporter: found his car three semiautomatic handguns. the family of chris martinez is speaking exclusively with abc news sharing the photos and memorabilia from the life of their only child. >> nobody needs to own three semiautomatic handguns. so nobody else has to go through this. >> reporter: they expressed sympathy for the families of the victims, including the parents, they say, of elliot rodger. >> will it be hard for you to meet with the rodgers? >> no. actually. they loved their son too. >> reporter: of the 13 people injured, six are in the
3:34 am
hospital, two in serious condition. bazi kanani, abc news. isla vista, california. memorial day weekend also turned violent at one of the nation's most popular beach destinations. in myrtle beach, south carolina, three people have been killed and two wounded in two separate shootings. one at a popular motel after a fight broke out. both suspects remain at large. the motel shooting happened in front of crowds of tourists in front of the new boardwalk. police don't believe the shootings were random. the attack this week on belgium's jewish museum appears to be deliberate and methodical. video shows the suspects walked in to the museum pulling a rifle out of the bag and owned fire. they called several people and walked out all in less than a minute. authorities aren't sure if the attack was terrorism or anti-semitism. surprises keep coming from pope francis after his trip to the middle east. he's the first pontiff to fly in to palestinian territory without going through israel first.
3:35 am
as abc's terry moran reports, it was more than a sight-seeing trip. >> it wasn't on his schedule, but pope francis is a freelancer, a risk taker, so in bethlehem he stopped to pray at the grim barrier separating israelis from palestinians, pressing his forehead against the concrete. less than an hour earlier, three short words and another historic first. francis declaring he was in the state of palestine, a term israel and the u.s. reject. in manger square, a rapturous welcome. and here where christians believe jesus, the prince of peace was born, yet another extraordinary gesture. the pope inviting the presidents of israel and of the palestinians to join him in a prayer for peace at his home in the vatican and amazingly both have accepted. the pope's words and deeds have already stirred a backlash here. israelis see the wall as a
3:36 am
lifesaver, ending a plague of suicide bombers. for the people on this side of the wall, francis has a lot of work to do. terry moran, abc news, jerusalem. >> president obama is back at the white house after making an unannounced visit to the troops in afghanistan. the president promised the soldiers at bagram air force base that america's longest war will come to a close at the end of this year. a major embarrassment for the white house. this morning's "washington post" reports the top u.s. spy in afghanistan had his cover blown when his name was put on a list released to reporters. it appears ukraine's new president will be billionaire candy maker petro poroshenko. exit polls found the tycoon getting nearly 60% of the vote. final results are expected to be released today. petro poroshenko promised to unite the country and end the violent chaos that gripped eastern ukraine. crews in arizona are spending this memorial day trying to get the fire in northern part of the state under control.
3:37 am
right now the fire is 25% contained. a lot more work needs to be done before progress is made and a lot depends on the weather. hundreds of people have been forced from their homes as large fires in alaska keep going. the fire south of anchorage is 218 square miles. the size of the blaze is not unusual for alaska but the state does not usually see large fires this early in the season. torrential rains in a tiny colorado town west of denver have triggered a giant mudslide covering eight square miles. as many as three people are now missing. also in colorado a sixth day of severe storms generated torrential rains and ping-pong ball-sized hail. the river is approaching flood stage and there's an elevated threat of flash flooding. farther south, roswell, new mexico, is seeing the worst rain in six decades. an estimated 4 1/2 inches fell
3:38 am
in less than 24 hours, the most in a single day in almost 60 years there. turning roads in to rivers. and vast swaths of the city in to muddy lakes. flood watches and warnings posted in texas this morning as downpours moved east. >> let's get the national memorial day forecast from molly cochran, accuweather forecaster. good morning, molly. >> reporter: thank you, john and diana. if you have this memorial day holiday off, break out the shorts and t-shirts. feeling like summertime across the northeast. temperatures well into the 80s from new york city to boston. don't get too comfortable, though. we will see a cooler trend pushing its way in to the new england states on tuesday and a then making its way in to much of the northeast by wednesday. different story across the south central picking up heavy rainfall on monday. want to keep a watchful eye to the skies. we can expect thunderstorms in there, as well. across much of the deep south, picking up on the heat along the gulf coast. thunderstorm activity to pop up mainly in the afternoon hours. across florida and north carolina.
3:39 am
john and diana, back to you. >> molly, thank you. just in time for memorial day, new york city's bronx zoo is home to a trio of komodo dragons. >> it is the first time on display in the city since 1959. the three are siblings, sisters rose and ivy and brother stubby. they were all born at the los angeles zoo and have been making their journey east. >> so far they appear to be getting along quite well. poor stubby, bad name there. ivy sounds pretty. >> i wonder why they called him stubby? >> i'm guessing he's stubby. >> by the way, they can run in spurts up to 13 miles an hour. so they can truck when they have to. >> they weigh 400 pounds and are nearly nine feet long when they are fully grown. pretty awesome, huh. >> they are an endangered species. 25 left in the world. >> apparently, they can eat almost anything, including pigs, goats, deer, even water buffalo.
3:40 am
>> what? >> i would think that would take a few komodo dragons. >> wow. and live up to 50 years old. take a look at that. >> neat creature. >> absolutely. coming up, the spine tingling details from the kardashian wedding and what kim and kanye plan to do next. >> my spine is definitely tingling. and if the kardashians don't thrill you maybe the amusement park will. it is roller coaster season and we are ready to show you a 400 foot drop at 900 miles an hour. that's after we come back. ♪ roller coaster of love ♪ roller coaster >> announcer: "world news now" weather brought to you by finish power and free. power and free.
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400 foot drop at 900 miles a n
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♪ a midnight fishing trip off of florida's boynton beach turned up an extraordinary catch. fishermen reeled in a 500-pound saw fish which is rare and endangered. >> fortunately, because one recorded the moment, they brought it ashore it is not just another fish tale. from our west palm beach station has the story. >> catching a fish like that is once in a lifetime. >> reporter: dustin and his buddies can't get enough of their video but the late-night fishing trip almost didn't happen. the plan was to spend the evening playing poker. instead they hit the boynton
3:45 am
beach inlet. >> after an hour putting our lines out we hadn't got a hit. >> then the bite. >> something started clicking. the reel started going off. >> it felt like four or five feet. >> reporter: after 30 minutes a glimpse but it wasn't four or five feet. >> i got light and saw the fish and realized it was a saw fish amazed because it was 11 feet long and the bill four feet long. a crazy find. every time we got close, the fish was way too powerful for us to get on the reel. >> reporter: eventually they got it to shore and took pictures and reflected on how rare it is to see up close. >> it is prehistoric looking animal that few people see and if you are lucky to catch them you are even luckier. the let it go but left behind a souvenir. abc news, boynton beach, florida. >> they are huge. >> before we get in to chat points, can i share something silly? >> yeah. >> my favorite fish in the bathtub as a little boy was a saw fish. >> what? >> i had a saw fish, little
3:46 am
fish. i was really into the saw fish. >> that's amazing. >> by the way. you are not supposed to do anything with a saw fish when you catch them because they are endangered. the saw fish you had was perfect. that's the only saw fish you can keep. >> glad that he got away and is okay. >> i have a feeling your saw fish was not the size of a real one. >> my sawfish was probably a few inches. 11 feet long 500 pounds. they're enormous. >> pretty awesome. >> i thought they were bath toys. now i know they are real. >> they're real. coming up, the last word we hope on kim and kanye's over the top wedding. and one of harry potter's pals is graduating not from hogwarts but a real american university. details in "the skinny." >> announcer: "world news now"
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3:48 am
♪ skinny so skinny >> in the "the skinny" this morning, kim kardashian and kanye west are officially married after a weekend of outrageous extravaganza. >> listen to this. friday night they rented out versailles. the elegantly dressed couple hosted 600 guests for rehearsal dinner there. it ended with fireworks. >> that's it. >> yeah. >> the next morning everyone they tried to outdo themselves. boarded to private planes for the trip to italy. they gather at the famous fort belvedere castle and a exchanged vows at sunset.
3:49 am
"vogue" magazine has an exclusive on the pictures. so we will have to anxiously wait. the wedding dinner was simple tuscan food, homemade pasta, monkfish fillet, beef strawberry sorbet, seven-layer cake. the menu was signed mr. and mrs. kayne west. kim maybe changing her name. >> okay. kim west. >> lest you heard the last of the kardashians. >> not from us any way. >> that's right. >> we'd be out of a job. >> they are shaking things up on long island. the family is opening a store as the summer season kicks in to high gear. not everyone is glad to see them. one critic fearing they will bring a bit of quote the jersey shore to the upper crust new york destination. >> all right. big weekend for actress emma watson. we know her from the role in the harry potter movies but she was far from a movie set in long
3:50 am
-- road rhode island. graduating from brown university with a degree in english literature. >> like any proud graduate watson tweeted a picture of herself in cap and gown. beside the harry potter movies she starred in a biblical epic "noah." you remember that. next, taking life less seriously. actor morgan freeman. >> the academy-award winning hollywood legend did what many of us are tempted to do, transforming his deep and amazing voice with a little helium. >> to find the truth about clarity, businesses are studying it in a place where they expect it to -- act very strangely. >> it is part of his documentary television series worm hole on the science channel. very cool. >> he's usually the voice of god, morgan freeman. i guess that is god on helium. next exciting hollywood baby news. >> that's right.
3:51 am
christina ricci is expecting her first child with her husband, james. 34-year-old actress is best known for her role as wednesday on the addams family and addams family values. she met her husband james a camera technician on the series "pan am" in 2011 and married last october. the baby is due late this summer. we move to the rolling stones getting back to what they do best, playing rock 'n' roll music. >> mick jagger and the rest of the band are kicking off a tour in europe. before they are done they will have played 14 shows in major cities including paris, rome and berlin. >> tonight is the first show since the suicide of jagger's partner, fashion designer lauren scott. they cancelled seven shows after her death. the gigs have been rescheduled for october and november. all right. it was certainly a rough time for mick jagger and the entire band. very difficult for everybody.
3:52 am
>> they will go back down under and make up those shows. >> good. >> pretty cool. >> nice for everybody who bought the tickets. the tickets. >> nice for everybody who bought the tickets.
3:53 am
3:54 am
the mustard seed that makes french's yellow mustard. 100% natural from me to you.
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with 40% more free, there's more to love. french's. naturally amazing. ♪ >> some of the most extreme amusement rides that have ever been made open for business this summer, making it "our favorite story of the day." >> if you like to be terrified, this could be for you. abc's susan saulny taking us for a ride. >> reporter: soaring speeds, dramatic inclines, there's no taming these towering titans of steel. this summer, thrill seekers are set to stomach the most extreme twists and turns in history as american theme parks take adrenaline junkies up to new heights and down steeper slopes.
3:56 am
>> theme parks today are benefitting from new technology each year. ten years from now who knows what they will have. we have pushed our limits. >> reporter: the newest, biggest and baddest rides taking over the nation, the drop of doom coming to six flags great adventure in new jersey this june, rising to an unprecedented 415 feet. only to rocket back to earth at 90 miles an hour. and in kansas city, the world's tallest waterslide at schlitterbahn waterpark is set to shoot four raft riders down 17 stories at highway speeds. a drop taller than niagara falls. not all is terrifying. but take the new capital wheel in suburban d.c. capturing a never before seen panorama of washington. >> the view is amazing. you can see the washington monument, even the smithsonian but don't look down if you are afraid of heights because it's a glass floor. if you want to ride in style,
3:57 am
make sure to get the v.i.p. car with leather seats and hd tv and even a champagne chiller. all of those nice touches take the edge off if you happen to be afraid of heights, as i was. susan saulny, abc news, washington. >> well, what do you think? are you going to try any of those, diana? >> see the reason you stayed to watch that story is because i said the drop was 900 miles an hour, knowing i would get you to come back but it is obviously -- >> 90 is a little too much if you ask me. >> that is not my body. >> you look like you are having a great time. >> you always have a good time when you are going 900 miles an hour, don't you? >> absolutely, positively. >> announcer: this is abc's "world news now," informing insomniacs for two decades.
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america this morning. stay with us for "good morning america." and have a great monday. america." and have a great monday. making news in america this morning, killing spree. new details on the deadly rampage in southern california. what we've learned about the victims and how the alleged gunman's parents tried to stop him. a group of fishermen reel in the catch of a lifetime. this fish is rarely seen, endangered and something these guys simply couldn't believe. and foreign objects. the hilarious reaction when putting an old computer in front of kids. >> kind of like those old televisions that are like very boxy. good morning on this memorial day. i'm diana perez. all of the victims have been identified in the isla vista killing spree that left seven people dead including the


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